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Beyond Fine and Rough

‘Kyeol’ (결) is a Korean word which often translates in English as grain or texture. However, ‘kyeol’ in Korean encompasses a wide range of meanings. ‘Kyeol’ can describe the texture of tangible matters such as wood, skin, silk, or hair. It can also denote intangible ephemeral concepts such as rhythm, wind, breath, dream and time. Moreover, ‘kyeol’ can be used to describe one’s personality or disposition. It refers to one’s unique, innate nature which can be understood through a deep relationship. In each artwork, the artist investigates the unique ‘kyeol’ of the material beyond fine or rough textures, applies their own ‘kyeol’, and brings new ‘kyeol’ into existence.


In art jewellery, the relationship formed by ‘kyeol’ continues even further. Through the act of wearing an art jewellery, the wearer feels not only the physical ‘kyeol’ of the artwork but also the ‘kyeol’ of the artist. In addition, the wearer will be able to engage with the artwork and transfer their own ‘kyeol’ into the jewellery piece. Hence, wearing an art jewellery piece is the creation and recreation of ‘kyeol.’

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Junsu Kim

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2022   LOEWE Foundation Craft Prize 2022 Finalist

2016   Kookmin University | Seoul, S. Korea            

           MFA in Metalwork and Jewellery

2013   Kookmin University | Seoul, S. Korea            

           BFA in Metalwork and Jewellery


Sooyeon Kim

  • Instagram

2018   Lexus Creative Masters Award Winner | Korea


2010   Rhode Island School of Design | Providence, USA              MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing

2007   Sookmyung Women’s University | Seoul, S. Korea              BFA in Ceramics and Metal

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Joo Hyun Park

  • Instagram

2019   LOOT Acquisition Prize Winner | USA

2012   Royal College of Art | London, UK            

           MA in Jewellery & Metal

2010   Rhode Island School of Design | Providence, USA              BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing


Healim Shin

  • Instagram

2023   LOEWE Foundation Craft Prize 2023 Finalist

2004   Kookmin University | Seoul, S. Korea            

            MFA in Metalwork and Jewellery

1995    Kookmin University | Seoul, S. Korea            

            BFA  in Metalwork and Jewellery

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Jaesun Won

  • Instagram

2022   The Metalwork & Jewelry Award Winner | Korea


2007   Rochester Institue of Technology | Rochester, USA 

            MFA in Metals and Jewelry Design

2004   Konkuk University | Chungju, S. Korea            

            BFA in Metalwork & Jewellery

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